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       Founded in the year 2000 and located in the Salt City of Jiangsu Province of China, Green Garden Samphire Development CO., LTD. is the pioneer in developing samphire and other seawater vegetables in China and Asia. In association with the New Product Development Center of China Academy of Science,Jiangsu Seaboard Area Institute of Agricultural Science, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Science, and Nanjing University of Agricultural Science, our company began the experiments of growing samphire (also called sea asparagus or seaphire, scientific name: salicornia bigelovii torr) and other seawater vegetables in the coastal alkaline land in the Salt City of Jiangsu province in 2000. After 4 years of in-depth R&D work and experimental work in the field, the biotechnology we apply to develop samphire and other seawater vegetables has reached maturity. When he visited the Salt City some time ago, Professor Edward P. Glenn, who is called “Farther of Samphire?and who works with the Environmental Research Laboratory of the US University of Arizona, predicted that the largest farm of samphire in Asia would emerge in the coastal areas of the Salt City of China. Our company is, step by step, realizing professor Glenn's prediction by our efforts.

        Samphire grows in coastal alkaline lands and is directly irrigated with full-strength seawater. Samphire and other seawater vegetables are brand-new organic foods acknowledged in the world and welcomed by consumers and have great market potential. International experts speak highly of samphire and regard the cultivation of samphire as the second agricultural revolution in human history because it uses desolate coastal alkaline lands and seawater instead of conventional farming lands and fresh water.

         After the tests and examinations by authoritative agencies, it is found that samphire not only contains amino acids, trace elements and vitamins necessary for human bodies but also contains carotene, the content of which is 40 times as high as that of ordinary vegetables, and natural bio-salt and bio-alkaline (saponin). After digestion, the bio-alkaline neutralizes the fatty acids in the blood of human bodies, and salt and water are produced. Therefore, eating samphire can help remove the cholesterol in blood vessels, release hypertension, reduce lipemia, lose weight, and improve the metabolism of liver. Country-wide authoritative Chinese news media such as the New China News Agency, China Central TV (CCTV), New China Daily and the Yangtze Daily all cast special reports on the business of our company and on the health-protection function of samphire and other seawater vegetables.

         Green Garden Samphire Development CO., LTD. is the only Chinese seawater farm that has successfully produced and marketed samphire and other seawater vegetables. In Nov. 2003,our seawater vegetables, under the brand name of Chunyin, passed the organic food certification administered by the China Organic Food Development & Certification Center and accredited by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). Our primary seawater farm products began to be sold in the Chinese market in 2004, and we have successfully further processed these products. In 2005, our seawater farm will develop and use an area of 330 acres to grow seawater vegetables and produce over 3,000 tons of fresh samphire and other seawater vegetables. In addition, with an area of 1,650 acres of wild seawater vegetable field, we will produce over 5,000 tons of wild seawater vegetables at the same time. At present, our company is the largest seawater farm that produces organic seawater vegetables in Asia.

        Food service distributors around the world are welcome to contact us and do business with us, and investors are welcome to invest in our business so that we will build a worldwide sales network and develop our company into the largest and best farm of sweater vegetables in Asia.

Our products include:
1, Fresh seawater vegetables: our company mainly grows and produces fresh samphire at this time. We also produce other fresh seawater vegetables like common seepweed, salt-bearable sugar beet, seawater celery, and seawater spinach, etc.

2,Instantly frozen seawater vegetables & dehydrated seawater vegetables: we further process the vegetables and produce instantly frozen seawater vegetables and dehydrated seawater vegetables like dehydrated common seepweed.

3, Healthcare items such as teas and drinks

4,Medicine: We will produce various medicines for weight loss and for the protection of human livers, cardiovascular vessels and brain blood vessels.

5, Various cosmetics, samphire seed oil, and hi-biotech products


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